Premier Products, Ltd. offers a complete line of quality stain­less steel ma­rine hardware. Ongo­ing growth and success in today's chal­leng­ing mar­ketplace means you must exam­ine all links in your supply chain, extracting unproductive costs and activ­ities.

Now, a crit­ical compo­nent of boat manufac­tur­ing, stain­less steel ma­rine hardware, can be pur­chased more cost-ef­fectively by working di­rectly with the manufac­turer. Pre­mi­er Prod­ucts offers you a fast, efficient, high-quality opportunity to obtain your hardware for less. Pre­mier Pro­ducts sells to the whole­sale trade on­ly. Please contact us for in­for­mation on where to pur­chase our pro­ducts at re­tail.